Monday, June 27, 2011

Not Far from Heart.

Recently I find myself grinning or laughing alone when I read posts on Facebook written in the very localised Malay slang. I know slangs are bad for any types of languages and as much as acronyms are bad as well! I have a few very close Malay friends and so I could "decipher" the special language that most people; even Malaysians couldn't. I've been trying my best to infect a friend with the slang for this two months. I know most people were not familiar with the slang because they didn't grow up listening or speaking it.

I find it amusing because firstly, it is widely spoken and written. Though not contained in the ever-expanding Kamus Dewan (most of you would've owned one, but not me); the slang is widely used and developed its own acronyms no thanks to the creation of SMS. Secondly, the seemingly rude words became tame with the slang. Shockingly true. Lastly, speaking these words make me feel multi-cultured. Most people expect me to pick up British slang once I study in the UK but no. You may develop a new slang over time and choose to stick with it; but I prefer to speak American English and continue to develop my local slang.

Being abroad now, I feel homely whenever I came across these slangs. I reminisce the times when me and my good friends would converse in Bahasa and English depending on the situation. Sometimes you have to switch to the correct type of language to add the drama to your gossips. How I miss them... and I'm glad one of them is going to join me in the UK this September.

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