Monday, June 27, 2011

Not Far from Heart.

Recently I find myself grinning or laughing alone when I read posts on Facebook written in the very localised Malay slang. I know slangs are bad for any types of languages and as much as acronyms are bad as well! I have a few very close Malay friends and so I could "decipher" the special language that most people; even Malaysians couldn't. I've been trying my best to infect a friend with the slang for this two months. I know most people were not familiar with the slang because they didn't grow up listening or speaking it.

I find it amusing because firstly, it is widely spoken and written. Though not contained in the ever-expanding Kamus Dewan (most of you would've owned one, but not me); the slang is widely used and developed its own acronyms no thanks to the creation of SMS. Secondly, the seemingly rude words became tame with the slang. Shockingly true. Lastly, speaking these words make me feel multi-cultured. Most people expect me to pick up British slang once I study in the UK but no. You may develop a new slang over time and choose to stick with it; but I prefer to speak American English and continue to develop my local slang.

Being abroad now, I feel homely whenever I came across these slangs. I reminisce the times when me and my good friends would converse in Bahasa and English depending on the situation. Sometimes you have to switch to the correct type of language to add the drama to your gossips. How I miss them... and I'm glad one of them is going to join me in the UK this September.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

That's the End.

I don't understand how some people can just be so unpredictable. One second there they'll be agreeing to everything I've said then another, the freaking time bomb in their mind just goes off and soon they're condemning my words. I couldn't get an explanation out of this phenomenon. I know it's hard to digest what I'm saying right now but the fact is some people just HATE the fact that someone else is happy.

It's because I'm close with you that why I share my stories but I don't know what kind of mentality was it that cause the backlash. Jealousy, maybe? I admit I'm not perfect but instead of listening to my stories then lashing out you could've just advised me to have less fun and be serious in the first place. Don't agree then disagree. It's annoying and the truth is, I grow to know you as a stranger now so thank you very much.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I'm still filled with excitement since yesterday's conversation with some friends. First, my old high school mate made me so jubilant because of the little details that she spotted in the videos that I showed her. I was talking to her about the old telenovelas that we watched on television during high school especially the ones by Gabriela Spanic with twin roles evil sister-innocent sister acts. My friend spotted that the same third party aka. husband-stealer for both telenovelas was the same WOMAN. Oh the stereotypes they played in soap operas. Great spot there, and your ability to hum through the song nonchalantly made me laughed my head off!

Then my client came online and told me about her good news. Just read her blog and saw it posted there... basically all I could think at that moment of time was asking her to make the trip to UK this winter. Excitement built up and I got lost in the conversations forgetting my role as her manager. Dear me, wake up!

I got a little too excited, so I went to bed early. But I forgot to eat proper dinner thus waking up at weird hours eating and chatting again. Stalked Facebook for awhile and saw my friend praising 24Herbs' music and she commented that she never thought HK produces this kind of music. Was happy for awhile until I read some other comments on YouTube comparing 24Herbs to FAR EAST MOVEMENT. What the heck? Oh those ignorant comments and nobody cared to shut them up. 24Herbs is a group of artists with calibre and previous success. It's just that Conroy with his crazy ideas decided to start producing music with Mr. Ghoststyle and other rappers. Anyways, thank goodness for this following video which made me laugh because of that silly Conroy again.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Looking for the Sun.

It's June already and it's still quite cold here. I remember how the heatwave and crazy pollen-filled atmosphere ruined my perfect spring/summer. I hope the sun will really come out and shine!!! Feel like having a trip down to Alton Towers and experience the theme park adventures; only when the sun is out though. Get so tired and sick of the rainy weather... poor red Converse of mine always get victimized by the weather because those are my to-go-for shoes in bad weather. My Lady's All Star is still sparkling white tucked away safely in the corner.

I had a rather interesting conversation with my friend the other day during her visit to Manchester to save a very miserable me. Almost 12 hours together, just lots of food and tea down our throats. We hung out in the dim sum restaurant for like 3 hours!!! We just have so much to talk about because of our common interests. Then, we talked about how some are easily embroiled in scandals while others (like us) managed to elude themselves from the trouble. She came out with the "putting yourself out there in the market" theory just like when there's a bait, fish are likely to take the bait. I created a better term for it: "open for business or closed for business". She shrieked in disgust... it sounded like some brothel business.

So when she went to the toilet (drank too much cha during tea time); I snatched her Blackberry from the other end of the table and fraped (Facebook-raped) her. I'm unsure if her friends who liked the status actually understood what the status meant, but it was surely funny. And the best part; she didn't realized that she had been fraped for 3 times until after-dinner. I'm really glad to have a friend for support when the bad times come and always there to answer my distressed calls. As I'm always there to answer hers.

On another note, maybe I should really put the the closed for business sign up clear.

I really appreciate the smiley face and the discounts/free food all but there is no easy way of saying this.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Out of Touch with Reality.

I haven't been keeping up with radio music and I've just learned about this group called Far East Movement lately. The name itself sounds very Asian and upon checking, wow they're a quartet of Japanese, Korean and Chinese guys. And I finally get the thing about "fly like a G6" that people have been saying to me... it's their song.

The music they make is not really my cup of tea. I get quite sick with all the electro-auto tune type of music that popularized. Now I get what's going on with the fad and obsession with Korean culture in the US. Even the new MTV reality show is called K-Town:

My goodness is this a new culture or am I just being to overtly judgemental and conservative?